Worker's Compensation

Chiropractic Care Is 100% Covered Under Worker's Compensation.


 Chiropractic Care Is Essential For Peak Performance.


Chiropractic Care Is A Leading Cure For Chronic Migraines.

Car Accidents

Chiropractic Care Is Covered 100% For Auto Accidents In Kentucky.

Back Pain

No One Likes Back Pain.  Schedule To Get Immediate Relief.

For Your Health

The Nerves Controlling Body Function Originate In The Spine

Did You Know...

The Nerves That Control Every Function of Your Body Originate In The Spinal Cord.  

Insurance Accepted
40 Years Experience
Happiness Guarantee

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Taking Care of Your Physical & Mental Health

Chiropractic Care Can Help

Stress Migraines
Colic In Babies
Pain Management

Aubrey from Louisville

After a visit, not only does my back feel better but my head feels clearer and my mood feels lighter.  Thank you Dr. Emig!

Brandon from Okolona

I was nervous my first Chiropractic visit and I was wrong to be nervous!  Dr. Emig straightened 😉 me out and I have never felt better! 

Rodney from Louisville

I have cronic pain in my back.  Every visit helps me feel and function better and I maintain my pain management goals.