Disc Herniation

The spine is composed of...

The spine is composed of  bones (vertebrae) and cushions (discs). Discs contain two layers: a hard exterior and a soft interior. When the disc is damaged and the exterior is cracked, the soft interior can leak out creating pressure on the spinal nerves and causing pain.


A herniated disc refers to the amount of pressure being placed on the nerves as well as were the disc is located.


Most common signs of a disc herniation include:


-Muscle Weakness

-Muscle Spasms




To treat your herniated or bulging disc, our doctor will first conduct a diagnostic assessment to locate the source of the problem. He may then recommend spinal decompression or chiropractic manipulation to treat the disc and reduce the pressure on the nerves.

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Other Common Conditions Helped With Chiropractic Care

Neck & Shoulder Injury

Common causes of neck pain:

-Muscle Strain

-Degenerative Disc Disease

-Herniated Disc

-Pinched Nerve

 -Traumatic Injury


Peripheral Neuropathy

This condition can result in painful symptoms that may include:




-Loss of sensation

Spinal Stenosis

Signs & symptoms include:

-Pain in the spine



-Pain in the legs, buttocks & shoulder

-Loss of balance

-Symptoms come & go

Sciatica Pain

Common symptoms include:

-Leg pain made worse by sitting



-Muscle weakness


-Shooting pain

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