Meet Dr. Emig


A Well Rounded Education...

- Bachelor of Science in Human Biology,  Logan College

- Doctor of Chiropractic, Logan College, St. Louis, MO, 1980

- "Orthopedic Neurology," Parker College

- "Hip, Knee and Ankle," Parker College

- "Certified in Personal Injury," PDC

- "Independent Medical Examination," Parker College

- "Chiropractic Sports Physician," National College

- "Clinical Evaluative Procedures," National College

- "Ancillary Physical Therapeutics," Logan College

- "X-Ray Technique," Logan College

Plus yearly continuing educational credits and seminars on advancing techniques of chiropractic care.


Dr. Emig has been in active practice since 1980.


- Trusted and referred by insurance companies and review services for injured victims.


- Has lectured on job safety and work related injuries to several companies throughout the community.


- Dr. Emig has appeared on both television and radio as a trusted source for understanding chiropractic care.


- Dr. Emig has received many awards throughout the years including multiple awards recognizing him as one of America's Top Chiropractor's


Professional experience has allowed Dr. Emig to work with all sorts of patients-from infants to the elderly encompassing a wide variety of aliments.  Dr. Emig believes that no two patients are alike.  Each patient deserves individualized care designed to take care of the patient as a whole

About a good Doctor...

When considering Chiropractic Care please remember, how long your doctor has been practicing and educational backgrounds are cornerstones to choosing the right care.

Why I Became A Doctor...

Bob Emig was destined to be a chiropractor. His destiny was sealed when, as a child, he suffered from severe, chronic asthma and bronchitis. His mother was seeing a chiropractor for recurring headaches and young Bobby accompanied her. The Chiropractor couldn't help but notice the young boy's breathing disorder and offered assistance. The rest is history.


Speaking to a group of his peers at a Chicago symposium Dr. Emig stated, "I relate to my childhood circumstances. I was constantly ill, I could not keep up physically or academically. I was doomed to a life of no more than a minimum effort and hence I realized minimal rewards. Chiropractic changed all that."


Graduating from chiropractic college was just the beginning for Dr. Emig. The good doctor still attends and lectures at educational seminars and classes to keep current and help others to be educated on advancements and patient care.


“A doctor should use a combination of tried-and-true techniques with the latest in therapies and therapeutic equipment, while always continuing to educate themselves."


Providing you with the best care

The good doctor has been practicing for 40 years.  Dr. Emig has educational credits above and beyond what is required by State and National boards.


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