Your First Visit

We accept all major healthplans, ACA plans, all Medicare & Medicade plans

Don't see your plan, no worry, we accept more plans. The images are just a sampling of some of the larger providers we accept. 

What To Expect On Your First Visit

Simple Paperwork

Upon entering our office, we have some brief paperwork for you to complete. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition.

Private Consultation

Once the paperwork has been completed, you will have a consultation with Dr. Emig to discuss your health related problems, concerns, as well as potential treatment options.


In order to determine what your actual problem is, Dr Emig will ask you various questions related to your condition. Next, a number of specialized tests including orthopedic and neurological exams will be performed.


Your specific condition may require us to take x-rays to either rule out more serious conditions or assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you.

Same Day Treatment

Once finished with the examination and all appropriate studies, patients will generally be provided with treatment during this same visit. This may include spinal adjustments and/or physical therapy modalities to help provide relief.

Scheduling Your Next Appointment

You will be given a convenient appointment time for your follow-up visit with Dr. Emig to discuss his findings and recommendations for your care.